Luxembourg's parliament, the Chambre des Députés, is expected to ratify the convention on social security signed last November between Luxembourg and China.

The document aims to guarantee the social security rights of both Luxembourgish and Chinese citizens working in the other country.

MPs are expected to ratify the agreement in a session of parliament on Wednesday. 

Equal treatment

The first part of the text recognizes the equal treatment of persons residing in the territory of one of the states. 

The worker is subject to the legislation of the country in which he or she is working– unless they are "posted" overseas by their employer.

Posted workers 

According to the European Observatory of Working Life, "a posted worker is a person who, for a limited period of time, carries out his or her work in the territory of an EU member state other than the state in which he or she normally works".

Normally resident in the territory of one state, they are sent by their employer to the other state for a limited period of work, purpose and time.

According to the Luxembourg-China Convention, a posted worker remains subject to the legislation of their home country.

The posting can be granted for a maximum duration of 60 months, renewable under certain conditions.

The new law will enter into force three days after its publication in the Official Journal. 

(Updates with timing of the vote)