My firm, Luxcore, Ltd., has been a member of the Luxembourg American Chamber of Commerce for many years. As a business development consultancy, we recognize the genuine value in affiliations and relationship opportunities, and the LACC uniquely provides both. An intimate, curated group of highly accomplished professionals, the LACC comprises a community of business-focused specialists who can support each other’s interests in Luxembourg as a commercial location, and leverage the skills of the membership as a whole.   A warm, collegial, and ingratiating group of people, the LACC has been a source of friendships and business avenues during the entire tenure of our membership. We are looking forward to maintaining this productive affiliation for many years to come and heartily endorse the LACC as a platform for business expansion and professional development.

Jerrold S. Seeman, Esq
–Chief Executive Officer , Luxcore, Ltd.